Who is this service for?

Anyone who loves picture books ... librarians, teachers, educators, researchers, students, and parents. The database eliminates the need to consult multiple resources and helps readers find picture books that best suit their needs.

What titles are in PBDB?

Yes, we include other illustrated formats, such as picture storybooks, beginning readers, board books, poetry collections, and graphic formats.

Selection criteria

Our goal is to be as inclusive as we can while maintaining quality. We strive to add all picture books published by established publishing houses and small presses. We add older titles of historical significance regularly.

How many records?

The database has 28,089 records as of August 31, 2016. We add approximately 75-100 new records per month.

I found an error

Please email us and after we verify that an error was made, we will update affected record(s) ASAP.

Does the database offer access to digital versions of picture books?

No. However, many of the titles in the database have preview links to Google Books©. Titles in our database that have previews, will have this image google in the detailed view of the record.

Do you include self-published titles?

No, we only add titles published by established publishing houses and small presses.

Does the Picture Book Database have mass market series?

The database has Golden Book© titles of significant historical importance. We have many titles by Mercer Mayer in the database, but none of the Little Critter© series. We may include significant Richard Scarry books in the future. We do not include television- or movie-ties (e.g. Blues Clues©, Sesame Street©, Disney©).